Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Triumph Bonneville Bobber (2017)

Harley-Davidson XR750

Harley-Davidson XR750 (1972)

Honda NM4

 Honda NM4 (2018)

After making itself known as a prototype and being the motorcycle of the future in "Ghost in the Shell", the Honda NM4 could officially be presented this year.

The first model announced as part of the Honda 2018 range in the United States has been the radical Honda NM4. Since it appeared as a design exercise, in the 2014 Osaka hall, the Honda NM4 2018 has become the center of attention and initiated a few debates due to its futuristic design.

This aesthetic point and apart has also been welcomed with open arms by the film industry, which has given the Honda NM4 to Scarlett Johansson in the science fiction story "Ghost in the Shell".

Although the origin of its design is in Japan, the "anime" style of the NM4 has become an international cult current with a really extravagant aesthetic. The commercialization of the NM is announced just after arriving a few months ago the futuristic X-ADV to the dealers of the Japanese brand.

"Over the years, Honda has been known for launching a truly different model to the market from time to time, like the Pacific Coast, Rune, Big Ruckus or DN-01," said Lee Edmunds, responsible of marketing and communication of the division of motorcycles of Honda America.

"The NM4 is part of this philosophy and, although it may not captivate everyone, that is precisely the point. The model has caused a sensation in all corners of the world, among the so-called millennials and older men and women users. For all those who have noticed it, it is my pleasure to announce their arrival at the dealerships as part of the 2018 range. "

Although the NM4 has attracted attention since its first sketches, due to a completely avant-garde aesthetic, in real life the prototype also works. Its low center of gravity, thanks in part to a 670 cm3 twin-cylinder engine, rotated and located in the front of the chassis, results in comfortable driving with the feet advanced.

In this sense, the passenger seat also serves as an adjustable backrest for the driver, while the body offers good aerodynamic protection and up to four separate cargo spaces.

The gearbox is the dual clutch automatic Dual Clutch Transmission, which offers the standard and sport automatic modes, but can also be changed manually from the controls on the handlebar. The instrumentation can be customized, changing color according to the transmission mode and offering a large amount of information.

More than competing with other models of the market, the Honda NM4 2018 seems to open an alternative gap between the current "cruisers". Just do not expect to go unnoticed.